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Sociology, Introduction to

Sociology, Introduction to

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Course Description

This course explores sociological processes that underlie everyday life. The course focuses on globalization, cultural diversity, critical thinking, new technology and the growing influence of mass media.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the different social stratifications
  • Analyze the history and theories of population growth and demographics
  • Analyze poverty and its effects on society
  • Analyze religion in the United States and other world religions
  • Analyze the history of politics, globalization, and the effects of transformation of economic systems
  • Assess deviance and the reasons for deviant behaviors
  • Assess social groups/organizations within society and their origins
  • Critique gender and age inequalities and their impacts on society
  • Examine factors that influence decision making and choice
  • Examine the effects of growth and technology on social interactions and the environment
  • Examine diversity in U.S. families and study trends in marriages, remarriages, and divorce
  • Examine educational issues including the factors that affect the educational system in the United States
  • Examine socialization and factors that affect socialization and social interactions
  • Examine the field of sociology in terms of history, theoretical perspectives, research methods, and ethical issues
  • Examine the role of family in socialization
  • Examine urbanization, evolution of various cities, and growth in population in the United States and the world
  • Explain cultures and their role in social interactions
  • Explain sexual and racial discrimination
  • Explain the process of social change

Course Materials

Sociology Book Cover
Title: Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach
Edition: 13
Author: James M. Henslin
ISBN: 9780134205571