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Biology, Introduction to
Biology, Introduction to
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Biology, Introduction to

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Course Description

This course presents the key areas of biology at an introductory postsecondary level. Students are introduced to the core disciplines of cellular biology, biotechnology, genetics, evolution, and ecology.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain basic biology concepts and terms
  • Outline the basic chemical processes and chemical composition of organisms
  • Summarize the functions of cellular components
  • Explain the importance of cells in our understanding of biology
  • Analyze transport across the plasma membrane
  • Analyze energy flows in cells
  • Summarize the differences between the two types of cellular division in eukaryotes
  • Compare cell division in eukaryotes and prokaryotes
  • Describe the structure of the human genome
  • Explain the flow of genetic information from DNA, through RNA, to protein
  • Analyze the structure of the DNA molecule in relation to its function of information storage
  • Analyze different patterns of genetic inheritance
  • Explain control of genetic expression
  • Analyze the inheritance of genetic disorders
  • Summarize evidence that supports evolutionary theory
  • Explain the mechanisms of evolution
  • Analyze the relationship between biodiversity and evolution
  • Explain how units of biodiversity are classified
  • Explain how biodiversity is gained and lost
  • Describe the diversity of life
  • Analyze concepts in ecology
  • Analyze the basic principles of Community Ecology
  • Analyze the basic principles of Population Ecology
  • Analyze the use of molecular biology tools in different fields of biology and industry

Course Materials

Campbell Essential Biology Book Cover
Title: Campbell Essential Biology
Edition: 6
Author: Simon, Reece, Dickey, and Hogan
ISBN: 9780133917789