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Who We Are

At Integrity College Solutions (ICS), we offer accredited online degree programs and individual online classes. Established in 2015, our mission is to help students achieve personal and professional goals through education in a way that fits their schedule and budget. We are proud to provide all students access with a high-quality online education, ongoing support, and a range of resources to ensure success.

Together, we can improve the lives of our students and strengthen the foundation of our community. Whether you currently attend or have graduated from high school, are traveling abroad, or simply need to finish a degree, we believe that neither cost nor inconvenience should hold you back from reaching your academic goals. We invite you to learn about ICS and see how we can help you.

We are the flexible, affordable, and convenient solution to achieving higher education goals.

We are Flexible.
Students dedicate themselves to approximately 85 hours of online coursework to complete in 3-16 weeks with a final grade of 70% or better. Students are expected to complete the course within 16 weeks of starting; however, there is an option to stop and resume the course within one year of enrollment.*

Our Courses are Affordable.
Priced at $400 per course, ICS is 62% more affordable than the 2019 average tuition cost at a public four-year institution. In addition, while students spend up to an additional $700 on books per year at a traditional institution, all books for ICS courses are included in the tuition.

Learning is Convenient.
Our courses can fit any schedule. Whether you are a dually-enrolled high school student, a part or full-time employee, an overseas traveler, or a working parent going back to school, you can benefit from the ability to complete a course with just a tablet and an internet connection!