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CC Odyssey Program

Classical Conversations and Integrity College Solutions
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The Odyssey Program aims to equip students academically, spiritually, and practically for their journey ahead. CC Challenge student graduates enrolled in the Odyssey Program have the opportunity to earn up to 30 college credits, develop leadership skills, gain practical knowledge, and grow spiritually, all while in community with other Challenge graduates. 

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 Integrity College Solutions is committed to helping you reach your goals. Every student begins with our 3-step process:

1.  Get Connected with your Odyssey community

The Odyssey Program is a specially designed program for Classical Conversations Challenge student graduates. Your Academic Advisor will use WhatsApp to communicate with you throughout the program to help you be a successful student, determine your needs, your goals, and to help you select your fall and spring semester classes. Scan the QR code below to connect to an Advisor!



  • iPhone: Open your iPhone's camera. Point the camera at the QR code above.  Hold it steady to allow it to scan and automatically connect to your Academic Advisor.
  • Android: Download the QR scanner from the app store. Hold it steady to allow it to scan and automatically connect to your Academic Advisor.
  • Manual: Download WhatsApp from your phone's app store. Add your Academic Advisor to your contacts and send a introductory message. 
Jamie QR WhatsApp

    2.  Select classes to meet your academic goals

    During your consultation, you and your Academic Advisor will discuss which courses best fit your learning style, academic goals, and daily schedule. Your Academic Advisor will guide you through this process.   

     select classes

      3.  Student Success Meeting 

      After you select your classes, you and your Academic Advisor will set up a phone meeting to create a course pace chart together, setup a contact schedule, and discuss how to be successful in the program. Your Academic Advisor will check in with you throughout the course to answer any questions, provide advice, offer study techniques, and help you reach your goals!

      Student Success Meeting

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