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ICS Interactive Courses

Integrity College Solutions provides concurrent enrollment courses to home school, public, and private high school students. These courses contain interactive videos throughout, can be combined with a local curriculum, and provides assessment by online college professors exposing students to the challenges and rewards of higher education with their full support system in tact. 

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Fall 2020 concurrent enrollment courses offered through Integrity College Solutions 

 College Algebra
EC1 Syllabus
 Stoa Speech Syllabus
American History I
NTS Syllabus OTS Syllabus PS  AH2
New Testament* Old Testament* Public Speaking* American History II*

*Syllabus pending


ICS Interactive courses run through typical fall and spring semesters.  They are regionally accredited courses and accepted at 98% of all US colleges and universities. Successful students are eager to learn, prioritize education, and think critically about new ideas and information. Talk to your Academic Advisor about which courses are right for you!  


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