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ICS partners with Stoa!

At ICS, we proudly partner with Stoa Christian Homeschool Speech and Debate to provide oral communication credits from the College at Southeastern in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Stoa is a national Junior High and High School Speech and Debate League that serves the needs of privately educated Christian Homeschooling families. As partnered organizations, we aim to improve the lives of our students and strengthen the foundation of our community by providing a high-quality education, ongoing support, and a range of resources to ensure success. 


Stoa club members and alumni at least 15 years old may take advantage of this opportunity. Students will upload a total of 5 speeches over 15 weeks in the fall or in the spring semesters to earn 3 college credits.

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Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their speaking skills by submitting a Stoa approved speech from each category: platform, interpretation, and limited preparation. Speeches from previous years that meet all current requirements are permitted for this course.  

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Due week 3 Response to Job Announcement
Due week 5 Platform Speech
Due week 9 Limited Preparation Speech
Due week 13 Interpretation Speech
Due week 15 Final Exam: Choice of Style

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