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Principles of Management

Principles of Management

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Course Description

The Principles of Management course introduces students to management philosophies in today's changing world. It includes globalization, ethics, diversity, customer service, and innovation from a managerial perspective.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Contrast theories and techniques of managing, motivating, and leading others
  • Analyze the impact of an organization's culture, environment, and design on management
  • Analyze how social responsibility and ethics affect management functions
  • Analyze issues facing managers when performing management functions
  • Analyze challenges related to organizational strategies and processes that managers face in today's business environment
  • Evaluate approaches to communication to best fit an organizational structure
  • Apply theories of leadership and motivation to effectively manage others
  • Assess approaches to controlling organizational performance
  • Analyze operations management

Course Materials

Management Book Cover
Title: Management
Edition: 14
Author: Robbins and Coulter
ISBN: 9780134527604